Tuesday, February 27, 2018 will be held the Open Day event ICEBERG at the Municipal Library Adolfo Miaja de la Muela Library in Valladolid.

The open day will start at 9.30 and includes various activities carried out through different workshops related to the objectives of ICEBERG, thus energy saving, recycling, environmental issues, and other topics related to sustainable living. Many groups of 20 students each and the ICEBERG game are planned for the day. The program is rich and will include various activities such as assembly workshops where they will be made constructions with recyclable materials such as, for example, the smart streetlamps that turn on automatically in case of lack of light or in the case of presence of people, animals or vehicles; furthermore, assembly experiments will be carried out with recycling bins inside the laboratory. Thanks to an application the student’s ability will be evaluated and, lastly, a group game will involve the present and the winning lottery students will have the chance to play with ICEBERG.


  1. Sensorized nest´s assembly workshop. Creation of intelligent nests from recyclable materials.
  2. Smart streetlight´s assembly workshop. Creation of intelligent streetlights that turn on automatically, when there is a lack of light, and as long as the presence of people, animals or vehicles is detected.
  3. Recycling bin´s assembly workshop. Students will make bins to manage 4 types of waste in an agile and simple way.
  4. Gymkhana. Through an application we will evaluate the skills of the students.
  5. Escape Room. A game in group, in which, after being with your team locked in a room, you have a certain time to find the clues, in order to escape from it.
  6. ICEBERG – The Game. Students selected by raffle will have the opportunity to play with ICEBERG.


09:30 Reception of assistants and registration
09:45 InLife–ICEBERG general introduction
@East Zone´s Civic Center – AVA – Innovation Agency, Five Flames Mobile
10:15 Groups’ assignment

10:30 Start of activities (1st round):
11:45 Start of activities (2nd round)
13:00 Open day’s closure

Check the detailed program here!

Where: Biblioteca comunale Biblioteca Adolfo Miaja de la Muela a Valladolid