On Thursday 25 January 2018, at the Campus Trevano SUPSI, take place the open seminar Design for Tech Education and the exhibition of the projects of the master students developed during the second module Designing Advanced Artfacts.

The Open Seminar – Design for Tech Education illustrated how new technologies are revolutionizing the world of pedagogy and the field of innovation in education. The miniaturization of sensors, the increase in the power of cloud computing allow to experiment with new interactive devices, hardware kits, playful objects and new interfaces that help children learn the basics of electronics, programming, robotics, artificial intelligence technology. In this context the themes on new challenges in projects that propose the use of playful and practical devices to support learning activities and allow social inclusion are explored.

The aim of the seminar was to present projects, researches and reflections on the design and development of interactive artefacts to support STEAM education and innovation in education: InLife actively participated in the seminar thanks to the presentation of the LCV researcher Vanessa De Luca who introduced the InLife – Incubate project to the New Learning and Inspiration Framework for Education, read here all the details