Four pilots in real context will be organized to study the usability, influence and impact of developed serious games. The InLife Project will be implemented in school and library settings in three European Countries (Valladolid/Spain, Athens/Greece, Les Ulis/France) with the direct participation of one municipalities, two libraries, 2 associations for education and social inclusion. Pilots implementation includes ethic procedures on significant data protection matters.

The Open Days of the pilots will run the 26, 27 of February and the 1st of March 2018. If you are a teacher or an educator you can contact the pilot managers and organize your class visit.


InLife project implements and validates two scenarios for training and motivational purposes:


ICEBERG stands for Incubate Changes in Environmental Behaviour through an Educational yet enteRtaining Game. The ICEBERG app is a serious game with a strong integration with the real world whose purpose is to enhance players awareness on energy saving and responsible consumption, establishing beneficial pro-environmental habits. In the world of ICEBERG, players are motivated to play and learn respectful behaviours with their environment within an amusing and engaging game.  When we practice in the real world respectful behaviors the game system allow us to increase and improve our virtual world as well as our real world.

Game concept

The ICEBERG game arises as a combination of an RPG (Role Playing Game) and a strategy game, which is designed in an imaginary world of ice. The main creatures are the Yetis, but also other animals live there: penguins, polar bears, orcas, seals, fishes…. You has a Yeti will interact with the ice blocks with constitute your living iceberg. Pay attention to rise the health and prestige of your iced ecosystem by managing your iceberg resources: the most important are the blocks produced by the penguins, but also other resources such as the energy level, vital for the construction or food creation necessary for the animals’ life. By acting through the real environment, the iceberg inhabitants can be willing to contributes to the ice growing or very disappointed. Save your iceberg and learn how to act in a respectful way.



The AKSION (Autistic Kids Social InclusiON) is a game app specifically designed for children with autism and other related special needs (Autism Spectrum Disorder, ASD) to foster social inclusion. It supports the development of learners’ social skills in both virtual and real situations. Through the exploration of a variety of in-game environments like school, gym or supermarket, children are engaged to play in everyday life situations with fun and motivation. In the world of AKSION, autistic children are motivated to learn, play and build social relations within an amusing and engaging game.

Game concept

A colourful spaceship is exploring the universe with its fun characters. You have the mission to discover all the planets and solve simple challenges with the help of their inhabitants. Drive your spaceship around planets and improve your exploratory skills! While completing missions you will meet lots of friends, planets creatures, passengers, teachers and family members. Your galactic adventure is waiting for you.


1 Valladolid (Spain)

ICEBERG – Environmental awareness for children

Municipal Library “Adolfo Miaja de la Muela” in Valladolid, Spain serves as the main library of the city. Visitors are equally distributed among students of all educational ranks, and citizens. It has a children section, a video library, a loan service, reading and consultation rooms, an infocentre and newspaper archive. It also organises reading encouragement activities and manages the periodical publications fund of the CIDES (Centre for Social Information, Documentation and Research) of the Valladolid City Council.
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2 Athens (Greece)

ICEBERG – Environmental awareness for students and employees

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Zografou Campus in Athens, Greece involving groups of university-level students.
The new buildings of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Zografou Campus, Athens Greece were built in 2009. The building operates from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm, being used by hundreds of persons on weekdays including undergraduate and postgraduate students, academic faculty and administrative staff. It is estimated that on average 800 students and 150 employees on average attend daily. The ICEBERG Serious Games will be used by all of the aforementioned types of users, motivating energy efficient behaviours and raising environmental awareness.
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3 Les Ulis (France)

ICEBERG – Environmental awareness for children

French Association “A.V.A.G.” (Association for Living the Self-Governance) in Les Ulis, hosts the Game at the toy library involving groups from primary schools. The association has retained its ability and willingness to support the creation of new projects and targets sociocultural activities in general. As such, it aims to enable families and people to create links between them. The association works daily in the heart of the neighbourhoods with children and their families, teenagers and adults, city structures, schools, leisure centres, and other associations.
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4 Athens (Greece)

AKSION – Social inclusion and autonomy for autistic kids

The ALMA PanHellenic Association of Adapted Activities in Athens, Greece was established in 1996 as a non-profit association, organizing programs and actions for children, teenagers and adults with disabilities (autism and learning disorders), aiming at their psychological and social evolution towards their full inclusion into a society with equal opportunities.
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