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  • De Luca, V., Rossini-Drecq, E.& Ascolese, A. (2018) Turning fun into learning: how serious games inspire new educational frameworks, Proceedings of INTED, Valencia, pp.2897-2904. [link]
  • De Luca V. (2018), “Gamification, IoT e territorio. Strumenti e piattaforme di apprendimento per la sostenibilità”. (trad. eng. “Gamification and territory. Tools and learning platforms for sustainability”) In Design e Territori, MD Journal, n.5 [download]
  • Kosmides P., Demestichas K., Adamopoulou E., Koutsouris N., Oikonomidis Y. and De Luca V., (2018) InLife: Combining Real Life with Serious Games using IoT, IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games Maastricht, (in press)


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