Can games improve our world? Serious Games are specifically designed to achieve some change for the better.  The change can be in knowledge, skills, physical ability, education, health and wellbeing behaviour, social, occupational, etc… Playing with serious games can empower, educate and entertain as they bring reality into fun!

What is your favourite serious games?

InLife platform supports the development of serious games and it is compatible with the Franzis IoT Maker Kit!

Win one of the 5 IoT kit and start building amazing projects! Participate is easy:

  1. Tweet about your favourite serious game 
  2. Tag @InLife_Project

The winner will be randomly selected on the 2nd of October and announced on Twitter.

InLife support iniziative related to various form of education in particular at producing, testing and validating two serious games ICEBERG and AKSION in four European pilots, concerning for environmental education and social inclusion purposes.