Last February, INLIFE project had the opportunity to be present at Valladolid Hackathon “Vallahackathon

About Vallahackathon

Vallahackathon is a meeting-point of developers, students, start-ups and people interested in the development of applications. It is organized by the Vocational School “Gregorio Fernandez” and the “Miguel de Cervantes” European University and supported and sponsored by the main public institutions (regional government, city council among others) and technological companies. In February 2017 it was launched the IV edition of the event with the participation of more than 200 attendees, vocational schools from the region of “Castilla y León” and students and participants of universities, entrepreneurs and developers from companies.

In this edition the topic was the development of games, therefore the assistants had the opportunity to know and learn about the last technologies: motion capture, lean methodologies for the development of games, video game graphic engine, among others.

The hackathon took place the 23th and 24th of February, being dedicated the first day in the morning for the presentations of the speakers, and the afternoon of 23th and the 24th for the competition of developing apps.

INLIFE at Vallahackathon

Valladolid City Council, through its Innovation Agency was invited to present the approach of the city of Valladolid about gamification.

Ángela Rivada (@arivada) – Project Manager of InLife project within Valladolid City Council –  presented the keynote “Gamification applied to cities”, spreading how a city can use the gamification technologies for fostering behavioral changes in an innovative way. The main objectives and features of Inlife project was presented, highlighting the approach of Inlife platform for the developer community. Therefore the first steps for developer engagement about InLife project have been taken, working aligned with the developer community, showing them how an open Framework as InLife could benefit developers.

In the presentation it was also presented the serious game ICEBERG that it will be deployed in INLIFE platform and will be tested in the Municipal Library “Adolfo Miaja de la Muela”

The Vallahackathon activitity has been included in the tasks related to communication and dissemination plan that the Inlife consortium is designing.